Winners Circle 2018

Good Girls Dont_edited.png

Best Director

A comedic short film about a Filipina-Canadian girl who defies her mother's warning that she will turn into a boy if she plays basketball. (Spoiler Alert: She doesn't!) 

Best Short Short

When two young black women are pulled over by a police officer, there is only one way to ensure they stay alive...The Button.

Best Web Series

SchloerBITS is a comedic web series that originated as a creative outlet for actress Amy Schloerb.  She is a one-woman creative force and does all the BIT writing, BIT directing, BIT producing, BIT editing, BIT distributing and, of course, stunts.

Best Feature

Following the recent death of her brother, 'Sam' Danzinger finds herself on an unexpected journey. After making unlikely friendships with her brother's eclectic group of buddies, she and the gang honor his last wishes by relay running his ashes from Los Angeles, California to Lubbock, Texas to spread his remains at Buddy Holly's grave.


Best Animated Film

A woman robs a bank and draws admiration from customers, in this three minute animated comedy.

Best Short

A part-time writer and hermit gets the wake up call of his life when a tenacious new neighbor bangs on his window looking to borrow a cup of sugar.

Best No-Budget Film

Dick Pickford and her ragtag group of lady detectives help the once desperate femme fatale, Vee Cooter, solve her case of who sent her anonymous dick pics. And to also find out, "What monster ruins dog petting?"

Best Student Film

Help Wanted is a quirky comedy about a frustrated mother who can no longer live with her son's lack of motivation. She decides to force him out of the house to find a job. She employs stealthy antics to ensure his success but a knock upside the head from fate may be all he needs.

Audience Award

This bilingual short follows an overworked Cuban-American millennial rushing to pack for a trip to Havana. When her eccentric Abuelo drags her on a last-minute hunt for a rare car part, she confronts her own privilege in a race against the clock.

"Waverly Riding"

 by Carla Miles

"Stalker Friends"


Andrea Holz



Hayley Simpson

"How to Make a  Reality Star"


 Sheriee Nicole

"Based on Experience"


Jackie Jorgenson

"Party Favor"


Megan Russell

 "Death Comes Knocking"


Laure Bonvin

& Frances Kao

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