The Winners Circle 


Best Director | Vicky Sampson

You Drive Me Crazy is a dark comedy/thriller about a GPS who takes revenge on a cheating husband.

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"You Drive Me Crazy"
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Best Short Short | Internet Court

In a world where online misconduct isn't tolerated, an internet troll is arrested, tried in court, and forced to confront her online targets face-to-face in this fast-paced satirical courtroom drama.

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Director: Allyssa Callahan

Best Web Series | Others Season 2

A mockumentary about a diverse group of millennial employees who are trying to navigate through the sensitive, woke, and offensive times of 2019 without killing each other or quitting in the process.

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Director: Darian Smith

Best Feature

A group of middle-aged friends comes together to say goodbye to one of their own. As gifts from their dead friend go missing, they try to figure out what they mean to each other now and if and how they will go on.

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Director: Angie Powers

When a mother reads her teenage son’s texts it triggers an awkward conversation which is way too much information. A humorous and touching comedy about miscommunication.

Director: Ita FitzGerald

Best International Short

Mind F_#k Poster.jpg

Two cinema ushers share a mutual crush, but both are too shy to do anything about it until they start hearing each other's thoughts - the good & the bad. Rom-Com meets Sci-Fi.

Director: Sherill Turner
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Best Short Film | Mind F*#k


An up and coming stand-up comedian stagnate in her job waiting tables, decides to walk across America. Painful memories come into focus as she tries to write new material, heal from her past and once again trust the kindness of strangers.

Director: Jessica Watkins
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Best No Budget Film | Specialish

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When Mimi finds her bestie Mila wallowing in the living room over her ex's instagram feed, she insists they go to the Women's March to get a feminist revenge selfie to make her jealous. 

Director: Kat Croft
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Best Produced Screenplay


When Annabelle wakes up in a stranger's bedroom on her 30th birthday, she thinks the day cannot get any worse. But then Bernard walks in...

Dir.: Florence Keith-Roach
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Audience Award | A Family Affair

Best Feature Screenplay



Marisa Forrest

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Best Ensemble Comedy

"The Officiant"

Carla Miles

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Best Short Screenplay

"Pancake Skank"


Savannah Rodgers

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Best Dark Screenplay



Garin Pirnia

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Best Pilot/Web Series Script

(Mother Fucking Actors)


Julie Sharbutt

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Best Farce Screenplay

 "The Last Womb on Earth"


Nancy Safavi

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