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Program  #6  - Prime Cutz

Saturday, September 2, 2023 |  8:00 PM 


Catastrophe - A cat was grabbed by a group of scientists for an experiment. Schrodinger's Cat Reinterpreted. ❖ Buster, Baby - A woman struggles to juggle her artistry and her toddler in this silent short comedy about motherhood, acting and her hero, Buster Keaton. ❖ Camping - A single-mother tries to find a male role-model for her son, only to find out he has other ideas. ❖ Ethical Slaughter - Two sisters endeavor to settle a debate about the ethics of eating meat by attempting to slaughter a piglet. ❖ Stuck - Wanda, an introverted stoner, is roped into her roommates' music video shoot, when she finds a kindred spirit in a mouse stuck to a sticky pad. ❖ Good Egg - When a self-reliant woman
is thrust into fertility treatments, she goes to painstaking lengths to become a mother. ❖ Just Right - A peek inside the absurd & whimsical mind of Mel, a woman with severe OCD trying to do something different with her day. ❖ Tripping - A pregnant high schooler is forced to go on a road trip with her lesbian mom in order to get an abortion at the nearest women’s health clinic. ❖ Turner Loses His Pants - In this comedy about expectations and identity, Turner awakens half-naked in a strange woman's bed with no recollection of how he got there.


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