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Program #4 -  The Relationship Block 

Saturday, September 2, 2023 |  2:30 PM 


Steal Your Girl - Music Video: A heart-broken queer young woman is pining for the love of a straight girl who is in a relationship with a dickwad. ❖ The MMWF Award - We celebrate men who support women in finance... but let's not forget who the real heroes are.
❖ A Bad Romance - After their promising date takes them back to
his house, a surprise visit from Melvin's suspicious business associates derail Maggie’s hopes of a happily ever after. ❖  Work-Life Balance -
A gender-swapped Workaholics, this workplace comedy features two gal pals avoiding work by gossiping about Charlie’s latest one night stand. ❖ Butt Stuff - A man's sentient sex toy becomes jealous when
its owner forms a relationship with a human woman. ❖ Sheer Desperation - struggling actor & ride-share driver Shay’s day takes a wild turn when a frantic bride named Jessie hops into her car. ❖ Bird Food - a recently unemployed young woman seeks purpose and distraction by going on a questionable candlelit dinner date. ❖ The Gold Digger - It's 2003 New York City; a controversial reality TV star Tiffany Banks is on top of the world... until she is framed for the murder of her elderly, billionaire husband. ❖ Dysfunctional Dating - Tru Heart hopes to bring an awkward Jewish guy home for Christmas, but when he’s too shy to make a move, her fantasies take over. ❖ Oh, Baby! - Jane is on the hunt for a rockin' one-night stand before an impending arrival.


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