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Broadsides Screenwriters Lab

Stage Reading | Sunday, September 3, 2023 |  4:30PM 


by Lindsay Heiman

The leftist pariah of a staunchly conservative small town, stuck at home thanks to an incident at college, sets out to tank her stepdad's campaign for office from the inside. 



by Alexandra Lundy Dell

After breaking up with her boyfriend, a 40-year-old marketing executive freezes her eggs—but her life is thrown into chaos when she falls in love with her fertility doctor.

Rising Above Mania
by Kelly Jean Karam

An aspiring writer struggling with a bipolar disorder discovers her script is stolen by the bullish bodyguard to a box office king and must track down the start to tell him the truth.

Daddy Issues
by Marisa Forrest

MR. MOM meets 9 TO 5 – A single, stay-at-home dad must navigate the social and cultural challenges of re-entering the workforce.

The One
by Dale Griffiths

Cody has come back to tell his high school sweetheart that she was the love of his life. But funny thing, she remembers their past quite differently.

Amanda Split

by Dale Griffiths

What happens when Amanda Gets split into her mind (Amanda) and her body (Mandy) and argues over a guy? A tug of war between reason and passion where each has something to lose… and win.

G&T "Gifted & Talented"
by Aviva Dove-Viebahn & Brittany Fonte

A high-achieving fourteen-year old Black girl navigates the ups and downs of college life as one of  the youngest students in her class when she's admitted in an elite gifted and talented program.

Occupational Hazards
by Laura Medeiros

When two party princess entertainers kill one of the guests at a little girl's birthday party, they have to find a way to ditch the body as smoothly as possible.

Sanchos & Ponchos
by Sara Gaston

An eager-beaver gang initiate has some unconventional ideas about how to mess with 'the man'

Iron Phallus
by Stephanie Kolar

When a shy, love-starved scientist at a secret government lab wishes he was a superhero, a horrific accident causes his penis to develop a mind - and voice - of it’s own to help him with the ladies.


by Angie Comer

Events whirl out of control when married fertility counselors Henry and Anika invite a film crew to chronicle their mission of interviewing three misfit egg donors for their D-List celebrity client.

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