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Shorts Block #7 -  Couples

Sunday, September 1, 2019 |  1 PM  | 



Tiny Earthquakes - Tiny Earthquakes follows Megan as she learns to cope, or rather not cope, with the loss of her other half.    Hot in Here - Dating Apps are misleading, as you never know how you feel about someone until you meet in the flesh, especially if it’s in a sauna!    Veronica - VERONICA's seemingly perfect life is thrown in to chaos when she realizes that in order to be her most authentic self, she must become someone else...literally.    You Drive Me Crazy - Things go from bad to worse when Glen winds up in the last place he’d ever want to be.    Almost Charming - A young woman works as a children's party princess, on her journey to get the attention of her real-life prince charming.    Girl Friend - A girl wants to be "modern" enough to handle it when her dude proposes a non-traditional relationship. But that doesn't fit into the love story she wants.  Greg's Very Bad Day - What will it take for Greg to notice the person who's standing right in front of him?  Sorry, Not Sorry - A couple's oneupmanship reaches unbelievable heights after a man eats his wife's plums.

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