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Shorts Block #6 - The  Web Series

Saturday, August 31, 2019 |  9:15 PM  | 



Dead Friends - Mel questions moving in with eccentric Keely, until a dead boy appears to enlist her help    Others - A mockumentary about a diverse group of millennial employees who are trying to navigate through the sensitive, woke, and offensive times of 2019 without killing each other or quitting in the process.  Roommates - When Layla is left at the alter she gets an unexpected new roommate.    The Dawns - A dark (but oh so upbeat) comedy about two best friends, who live in South Boston and run a few blocks doing low level work for the mob.    SchloerBITS - The series covers a wide range of topics including dealing with your car's hands free system, motherhood, cats, phone addiction, and the things your bathroom objects say behind your back.    The Masses - The Masses is a post-partisan, omni-racial, multi-gender, quasi-radical, sketch comedy.

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