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Shorts Block #5- Family Affairs

Saturday, August 31, 2019 |  7:45 PM  | 



Scratch This - Sisterly love turns sour as Karen, Kaitlin and Kristen get an unexpected gift from Mom.    In Case of Emergency - In an attempt at functioning adulthood, mismatched 30-somethings Lu and Andy, list each other as emergency contacts for life’s disasters big and small.    Sorry for Your Loss - A short comedy about a woman awkwardly navigating her sister's funeral.    Holy Cannelloni - On her Holy Communion day, Maria discovers what ‘sexed’ really means and who she's destined to marry.    TMI - When a mother reads her teenage son’s texts it triggers an awkward conversation which is way too much information.    Cherry - With her father dying of cancer, Helen has high hopes for the family’s last Easter together.

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