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Shorts Block #2- Short Shorts

Saturday, August 31, 2019 |  12 PM  | 



I Want To Be A Grandma - A humorous short animated cartoon video with original music and heart faced characters   My Best Friend - Carola, a gifted but awkward teen, decides to build a robot friend.   The Dermatologist - An assassin discovers that her target is her mother.   Internet Court - In a world where online misconduct isn't tolerated, an internet troll is arrested and forced to confront her online targets   Girls Don't Fart - A high school student must confront, both figuratively and literally, the aftermath of farting in class.   Chair Gang - At Ebberts Salon and Spa, you get a first hand look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.   My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence - Tiger is unemployed. Tom's career adviser. Together they decide to do something they love.   #OpShop - A mother tries to teach her son the importance of charity, but ends up learning her own valuable lesson.

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