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Alien Baby - Victoria Blade

Ambiguous by Strapless by Lauren Martin McCraw

Big Break by Nicole Jones
Breaking Open-Web Series

        by Barbara Heller & Rachel Upshaw

Bride of Frankie by Devi Snively

#Captive - Angie Comer

CLUB RAT$ by Jamie Miller& Danene Montella

Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2 - Lainie Felan

Depression Mashup (Feat. Anxiety)

       by Tess Paras & Greg Smith

DICHOTOMY - Noelle Messier

Dingus Wishes by Elvira Ibragimova

Eleven Hundred to Lubbock by Sara Radle

Friends on Facebook by Chris Ross

Good Girls Don't by Ana de Lara

Good Morning St. Pete! - Andi Matheny

Gringa by Lana Link & Claudia Murray

Hat Trick Bitches

        by Marlowe Holden, Madeline Chilese & Nastasia Green

Heather Has Four Moms by Rani Deighe Crowe 

HELP WANTED by Kennikki Jones-Jones

Inocente Confusion (A Little Jig)  

           by Sofia Ruiz & Sara Cortijo
JOE - Shara Ashley Zeiger (w), Kaye Tuckerman (d)
Kitchen Sink Classic by Lauren Shein
Lady M by Tammy Riley Smith (d), Melissa Knatchbull (w)

PEA POD - Rosser Goodman

Peaches and Tea by Stacy Ayn Price

Punctured Heart by Meghan Bradley

Sam the Ham by Michele Haines

Sensitivity Training by Melissa Finell

Scary Lucy by Sheila Schroeder

SchloerBITS by Amy Schloerb

SECRET ADMIRER by Ricki Lynée & Ashley Denise

Seeking Sublet by Katie Tibaldi

SNAIL by Deborah Attoinese
Stab: Life as a Voodoo Doll by Jeanette Castillo
Strawberry Jam by Eileen Eilert, Marius Schrod ,

        Olaya Gonzales & Steffi Schröder

Susanne and the Man by Chelsea Gonzalez

The Art of Foley by Sara Karimipour

The Break-Up Show by Kristine Gerolaga

The Butter Knife by Eshaana Sheth

The Button - Angel Laketa Moore

The Dick Pickford Detective Agency

       by Josephine Green Zhang

The Final Show by Dana Nachman

The First Female Bank Robber by Shoa Appelman

The High Wire by Kristy Hasen

The Great Wall Of Vicky Lynn 

      by Yu Ying Chien, Lucas Omar

The Inconsiderate Houseguest by Letitia & Rob Capili

The Roommate by Megan Russell (w), Cole Hewlett (d)

The Wedding Scene by Amy Argyle & Savannah Kopp

The Wednesday Sessions by Erin Smyth

Try A Little Tendernsa by Michelle Craig

Tupperware Women 2018

        by Donna Wheeler & Fred Stroppel
Wedding Season by Carly Otte

What Metal Girls Are Into - Laurel Vail


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