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Broad Humor DIY DAY
Thursday, September 1, 2022 @ 3:30pm
Monrovia Public Library

Susan headshot 2016-2-sq.jpeg


 Writer, Artist

 “Script to Novella Workshop

   45 minutes + Q&A

The Founder of the Broad Humor Film Festival in 2016, Susan diRende has always been a fan of the empty-handed leap into the unknown both in her life and her stories. She has won awards for her books, plays, and screenplays.


Her fantasy novella, Unpronounceable (based on her screenplay of the same name) won the Philip K Dick Awards Special Citation of Excellence. More recently, she has had science fiction and fantasy stories accepted/published in Gramarye, Penumbric, Three Crows Magazine, Indigo House Review, and Sweetycat Press. Her manuscript for THE DOG PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT has been picked up by Oghma Creative Media and she just sold a comic fantasy novel, KNIFE WITCH.  


Her personal life story is summed up in a six-word memoir published in Smith Magazine’s “Not Quite What I Was Planning”: "Topless dancer. Circus clown. Spy. Writer.” She currently travels the world with no fixed abode.

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