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Broad Humor 2022

Official Film Selections

35 Minutes

  by Stephanie Alecia Rose
A Deadly Shoot

  by Marta Pérez-Coca
A Girl Problem

  by Michelle Gritzer
A Made Bed by Elizabeth Serra
Ages of Man

  by Claire Leona Apps

  by Chelsea Gonzalez
Anniversary by Lain Kienzle
Aubergine by Katie Austin
Back to Lyla by America Young
Benched by Rachel Imbriglio
Brand New Personality -

  Bob Stetson

  By Annemarie Picerno
Breast Friend by Aysha Wax
Codependent Socks!

  by Monique Sorgen
Could This Have Been An Email

  by Nicole Kemper,

  Sarah Alison Hodges
Crazy B!*#H by Katie Harbin
Death Death

  by Marissa Ruben,

  Avery Looser
Dick Control

  by Shequeta L. Smith
Dog Lover

  by Anne-Sophie Bine

  by Sarah Baskin
From A Strange Land

  by Caroline Steinbeis
Goodbye, Petrushka

  by Nicola Rose
Gypsy Rose Leezinski 

  by Lucia Sherman
Her Need for Speed

  by Vickie Rose Sampson
How to Hack Birth Control

  by Sassy Mohen
I Mustache You

  by Shara Ashley Zeiger
Jesus 2020 by Aude Thuries
Keeping Up With Mom

  by Rebecca Blair,

  Mary Rachel Quinn
Loves Me, Loves Me Not

  by Bret Koehler
Meantal Health Girls

  by Tess Paras
Post-Citrus by Madison Hatfield

  by Allison Torem
Rona by Rani Deighe Crowe
Running on Love, Season 1

  by Katie Preston
Sex, Vlogs, and Kidnappings

  by Kyla P Sylvers
Sherold! by Tess Paras
SMASHED by Dawn Spinella
The Glove by Mimi Chakarova
The Plan by Gigi Burgdorf
The Smartest Dumb Girl

  by Angie Comer
Tillie's Great Escape

  by Kate Kelsen
True Believer by Alana Purcell
Under the Influence

  by Lucy Reevely
Wannabe by Josie Andrews
Watch Your Language

  by Kristýna Budínová
We Are Family

  by Jannike Grut
We're Doing Good

  by Elvira Ibragimova
Where's The Bitch?

  by Sarah Hendry

Official Script Selections


by Jules Brenner

Church Ladies

by Rani Deighe Crowe


by Jamila A. Jackson

Cupid Fest

by Maggie Egan-Cummings, Jennifer Lynn O'Hara

Dog Person

by Jeanee Ledoux

Emily's Toy Boy

by Paula Smith

Making a Killing

by Valerie Bodurtha

Marriage Material

by Shelly Paino

Most Likely to Conceive

by Aviva Dove-Viebahn,

Brittany K. Fonte


by Julie Sharbutt

Secretary of Arts

by Julie Sharbutt

The Cycle

by Ayisha M. Henry

The Day Women Were Funny

by Anastasia Washington


by Carmen Kartini Rohde

Honorable Mentions


by Julie Sharbutt

Haunt for Hire

by Veronica R. Tabares

It's Daisy May

by Candice Palladino

Legit Married

by Chelsea Gonzalez

Feeling Fine

by Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller

Out With It

by Jaci Kjernander

Sixth Grade Cannibals

by Jeanette Castillo


by Jessica McGaugh

Scratch This The Series

by Jody Lauren Miller

One Night Stand

by Mark Serao


by Mia Weathers-Fowler

Shelby's Vacation

by Vickie Rose Sampson

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