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Broad Humor 2019

Official Films Selections

#OpShop by Jane Ballentyne
3 Days by Julie Sharbutt
5 Jars by Brittany Bookbinder
A Dunder Plunder by Grace Alwyn Ashworth
A Family Affair by Florence Keith-Roach
A Fine Stew by Marie Glichitch
A.I. Vibrator by Lauren Michaels
Almost Charming by Taylor Carnes
Cafe Abundance by Emily A McGregor
Chair Gang by April Washko
Cherry by Stacey Davis
Dark Energy by Christy Summerhays
Dead Friends by Paige Henderson,

                        Nicole Murray, Alexandra Adomaitis
Dragonfly by Sarah McLean
Girl Friend by Laura Holliday
Girls Don't Fart by Tiffany Lin
Greg's Very Bad Day by Christine Krebsbach
Happy People Anonymous  by Gabrielle Adkins
Holy Cannelloni by Carolina Giammetta
Honesty Weekend by Leslie Thomas
Hot in Here  by Ann-Marie McCormack
I Want To Be A Grandma

                          by Deborah Taper Ringel
In Case of Emergency by Soma Helmi
Internet Court by Alyssa Callahan
Introvert's Guide to Activism by Simone Kisiel
It's Only Monday by Nicole Steeves
Jess Goes West by Angelica Rodriguez,

                         Céline Tshika
Kitty by Kendra B Cunningham
Lady Parts by Erin Rye, Jessica Sherif
Lost in the Middle by Angie Powers
Message from the Future

                        by Sean Keller, Laura Hartley
Mila and Mimi Too by Kat Croft
Mind F*#k by Sherill Turner
Misdirection by Carly Usdin
My Best Friend by Myriam Ballesteros
My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence

                       by Victoria Muldoon
Others Season 2 by Darian Smith,

                         Toan Tran, Sahara Ale
Phoebe by Kyra Gardner
Pie In The Puss by Stacey Davis

                        by Marissa Vonn, Milla Rebello
Roommates by Trisha LaFache
SchloerBITS Season 2 by Amy Schloerb
Scratch This by Jody Lauren Miller
Shuttlecock by Melanie Jones
Small Talk by Gabrielle Wright
Someone You Know by Bryan Erwin, Sally Brooks
Sorry for Your Loss by Lauren Bair
Sorry, Not Sorry by Monique Sorgen
SPECIALish by Jessica Watkins
Spot: A True Period Piece by Cesa Pledger
The Dawns by Corinne Fisher
The Dermatologist by Anne Rene Brashier
The Girl Next Door by Donna Bonilla Wheeler
The Good, the Brewed, and the Mugly 

                                                by Emily Thornton
The Great British Race Off  by Natasha Jatania
The Masses  by Toni Nagy
The Test by Rani Deighe Crowe
Tiny Earthquakes by Mary Sette
TMI  by Ita Fitzgerald 
Veronica by Reiko Aylesworth
We Are Totally Fine by Stefanie Abel Horowitz
Woe Is She by Chelsea B Lockie
You Drive Me Crazy by Vickie Rose Sampson

Official Screenplay Selections

Boys and Girl

Nastoshia Smith


Garin Pirnia


Illegally Brown
Gabriela R Lugo


Last Womb On Earth
Nancy Safavi


Maggie's New Boyfriend
Allison Beda


Melody and Her Many Men
Marilyn Friday


MFA (Mother Fucking Actors)
Julie Sharbutt


Leanna Adams


Pancake Skank
Savannah Rodgers


Red Shirt
Mary C. Ferrara


Scared Stiffe
Olivia Harvey


Showing Parts
Toni Nagy


Marisa Forrest


Stacey Williams


The Officiant
Carla Miles


Jamie Lou, Raleigh West

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