Broad Humor Sunday Writer's Brunch

An Intimate chat with Monique Sorgen 

After graduating from UCLA, Monique Sorgen worked as a director’s assistant in television, and then made a short film, “Pants on Fire,” which garnered international distribution and played on television and airlines around the world. This led to writing jobs on Comedy Central, VH1, and a staff position at ABC in a think tank, developing shows for the network with a team of creative people. In feature films, Monique was hired by Bigfoot Entertainment to write “The Babymaker,” an original script based on a producer’s idea. Bigfoot subsequently flew her to Hong Kong to pen a remake of the 1999 film, “Love Stinks.” She was also hired to do a page-one re-write of “Rock n’ Roll Princess,” for Capital Arts Entertainment, and has worked as a script consultant with producers Mike Gabrawy of Arclight films, and Chris Moore, of Project Greenlight fame. 

In 2009, she was selected as a finalist for the Walt Disney Screenwriting Fellowship, with her script, "All the Way Down", which she later optioned to USA Network. And in 2014, ABC picked her as a finalist again, this time for the TV writing program. She wrote, directed and produced the music videos “So There”, "Tomorrow's Saturday", and, "Good Things" by Thirstbusters, which have played on Disney XD, The Dish Network, UCTV, and Most recently, she wrote an episode of a hit Brazilian show for Sony Brazil, worked on a sit-com set in Mumbai, India, and directed 3 reality series for Fashion One Television. Currently she is on the festival circuit with her newest short film, "Sorry, Not Sorry," which inspired by the famous 1934 poem, "This is Just to Say."