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Program #7 - Extra Ordinary

Sunday, September 3, 2023 |  2:00 PM 


Tiki Bar Funeral Home - When a failing actress attends her exes tiki-themed funeral to tell his BFF she’s in love with him she discovers her
ex is still alive. ❖ Lady Invisible is about that moment when every lady realizes her new superpower is lame. And the only way to counteract that, uh, curse is with love, muumuus, and wine. ❖ Dream Big - A young woman's hobby crafting miniature figurines leads a life altering experience. ❖ Gran’s Ghost - Deceased baker Gran learns that her granddaughter Charlotte hates her cupcakes & returns to her own funeral as a ghost, unveiling a darker secret. ❖ Heartache in Parts -
Bad hair, futile crushes and separation anxiety; the human experience means heartache is forever, and for Navy, Olivia and Joyce, quick fixes won’t work. ❖ Unwell is an offbeat, stylized short that follows a queer woman as she applies the principals of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to her life and relationships. ❖ Pigeon - dealing with the aftermath of a breakup during the holidays, Liz is faced with the most unlikely mirror:
a wounded Pigeon. ❖ The Space Between Us - A lonely spaceman's desire for company may be fulfilled when a mysterious ship arrives at his space station.


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