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Program #3 -  Web Series & Long Shorts

Saturday, September 2, 2023 |  12:15 PM  


Codependent Socks! - A civil rights lawyer with a questionable sense of personal boundaries works with his most recent ex-wife, while his current wife, employs her own ex-husband, to help her around the house. Inspired by a true situation… But with sock puppets. ❖ Girls Aren’t Funny - a dramedy series about women stand-up comedians in NYC, inspired by real life experiences. The pilot introduces Amamah balancing her comedy career and conservative Pakistani family’s expectations. ❖ Unknown: The Geraldine Washington Story - Geraldine Washington's contribution to the music industry is investigated through a series of interviews from herself and  the people who knew her the best. ❖ Inside the Beauty Bubble -       
A film about family, fabulousness and folk art that reminds us that it’s sometimes the strong people on the margins that hold a community together. ❖ Blue Lake - Monster-hunting youtube sensations Phil and Angie search to uncover Otago's supernatural secrets. A visit to the     Blue Lake could finally get them on the cover of the Otago Daily Times,   or maybe the obituaries.


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