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Program #1 - "Wicked Funny" Shorts

Friday, September 1, 2023 |  6:00PM


The Karens - Welcome to the support group for people named Karen. ❖ Jellyfish - Jake gets stung by a jellyfish and needs his friends' help.  ❖ A Grim Diagnosis - A Couple seeking help for their rambunctious son receive an unexpected diagnosis - he's a comedian. ❖ Between Floors - three women trapped in an elevator find out more than they ever wanted to know about each other. ❖ Battle Zone: H-Mart - Nowadays, H-Mart isn't just a grocery store. It's a place for creepy men to try and meet Asian women. ❖ 7 Minutes of Humor - A light and charming exploration of the humors and inconveniences of relationships at their various stages, illustrated through a series of comedic and satirical vignettes. ❖ Hunt Me - Betty needs to feel the love again. Bart just wants to go hunting. A Domesticated Comedy. ❖ Unseverable - In          a world of Severance, Geoffrey is UNSEVERABLE. ❖ Curiosity - A mailman, who has a not-so-secret double-life of spying, hatches            a plan to save his dream girl.

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