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Shorts Block #3 - Co-Ed

Saturday, August 31, 2018 |  1:30 PM  | 



Message from the Future - She traveled a long way to deliver a message from the future: some things never change.   Lady Parts – Liz finally gets her first real break, only to discover that things aren't what they seem.   Kitty - A parody talk show featuring Kitty, a self engrossed host.   Dark Energy - Book club friends contemplate life, religion, and existence in this dark comedy about just how far women will go to protect one another.   The Good, the Brewed, & the Mugly - Two coffee mugs telling jokes.   Phoebe - Phoebe is a real catch... she just doesn’t know it yet.   Jess Goes West - An African graduate moves to LA to start over, and discovers that life there isn't quite what she expected.  A Family Affair - When Annabelle wakes up in a stranger's bedroom on her 30th birthday, she thinks the day cannot get any worse.   The Great British Race Off - A group of select people take part in a race to decide who gets a job in the film industry.   Someone You Know - An overly-competitive couple's innocent game takes an unexpected turn when one of them bends the rules.

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