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Shorts Block #1 - Activated

Friday, August 30, 2019 |  8:30PM  | 

Films in this Program May Contain:

Suggestive (D)ialogue

Strong (L)anguage

(S)exual Situations




Mila and Mimi Too - Mimi and Mila go to the Women's March to get a feminist revenge selfie.  Introvert's Guide to Activism - The problem? Social justice involves dealing with other people.   Spot: A True Period Piece - A group of female lawyers are sick of being shamed for their periods in their office and decide to fight back.   A.I. Vibrator - The end of men: artificial intelligence just realized its power to pleasure.   Mind F*#k - Two cinema ushers share a mutual silent crush, until they start hearing each other's thoughts   5 Jars - After her best friend dies in a freak accident, Joni wakes up to discover that she's turned into a puppet.

Shuttlecock - Winnie Callaghan puts the bad in Badminton.   Cafe Abundance - Ashley realizes society has been selling her nothing but bullshit her entire life.

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