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Broadsides Screenwriters Lab | Sunday, September 1, 2019 |  3:30PM 

Boys and Girls

by Nastoshia Smith

Life, love, and career aren’t always a walk in the park, but having a best friend does make the stroll a bit more enjoyable. While trying to weed through their own insecurities, short comings, and failures, life-long best friends, Stella and Val, are there for each other when advice or a shoulder to lean on is needed.



by Garin Pirnia

A woman with a medical condition finds herself face to face with the condition--a massive growth that has an appetite for men. It's loosely based on a true story.


Illegally Brown
by Gabriela R Lugo

Illegally Brown is a dark comedy feature in which two undocumented sisters become the ultimate hope to catch a terrorist cell and save the country that expelled them. While a farce, the film centers around real themes of family, racism, prejudice and ultimately, love.


Last Womb On Earth
by Nancy Safavi

It's the end of the world, and one woman's womb remains the only way for the human race to survive.


Maggie's New Boyfriend
by Allison Beda

Maggie's new boyfriend is perfect.


Melody and Her Many Men
by Marilyn Friday

“Melody and her Many Men” is a heartfelt comedy-drama in the style of “Bridget Jones’ Diary” meets “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Melody, 36, half Greek Cypriot, is a romantic writer from Frinton-on-sea. She meets the various men who were mentioned during a psychic reading. Melody endures embarrassing, funny and chaotic dates, whilst trying to forge a successful career and adhering to her Greek culture. Melody also meets a real life Mr. Wright. Could he really be Melody’s Mr. Right? Or is he, just her Mr Right-Here, right-now?


MFA (Mother Fucking Actors)
by Julie Sharbutt

In this ensemble comedy, a group of passionate, diverse, talented as hell young actors audition for a place in next year's class at New York's unparalleled Colbridge MFA Graduate Acting Program, where they'll spend 3 years fighting, loving, screaming, screwing, crying, laughing and going broke in their journey to become one of the great American theater actors.


by Leanna Adams

An irreverent reporter gets too close to a source of Atlanta's opioid epidemic and encounters the suspicious death of a doctor, but when she tracks down the killers using one ridiculous disguise after another; she must outsmart drug dealers and dirty cops, before losing her life, or worse, the scoop.


Pancake Skank
by Savannah Rodgers

Pancake Skank is a surrealist, satirical comedy about our titular anti-heroine and her unlikely partner-in-crime, Lover Boi, as they wreak havoc on a small town and its breakfast joints.


Red Shirt
by Mary C. Ferrara

A woman goes on a blind date and runs into an old high school friend in the bathroom; chaos ensues!


Scared Stiffe
by Olivia Harvey

When scaredy-cat Jesse inherits his grandmother's failing haunted house attraction, he must figure out how to overcome his fears to bring the place back from the dead.


Showing Parts
by Toni Nagy

A depressed, destitute, paranoid man who’s falling into the “Men’s Rights” movement collides with a radical-feminist yogi who’s on a rigid quest for spiritual enlightenment. They are brought together by a Shamanic potion, torn apart by their clashing beliefs, brought back together through their bond of cynicism, and then torn back apart into pieces of themselves.


by Marisa Forrest

"TOP GUN meets OCEAN'S EIGHT" - A former Navy pilot-turned-plane thief recruits an all-female crew to steal a US fighter jet for international gangsters.


by Stacey Williams

In the world of Surrogate, you do. Only one in five get one, and a huge industry has sprung up around perfecting your parenting skills; you want the best for your child, right?

Emma is one of the 20% with a child licence, with a 14-month-old son, Charlie. Her scores are exemplary. Charlie’s aren’t so great. Possibly he’s not co-operating. It’s pretty tedious when a team member isn’t pulling their weight.

When Emma is offered the chance to swap him for a re-conditioned 15 year old, she jumps at the chance. When the new model malfunctions, she starts to worry she’s made a terrible mistake. 


The Officiant
by Carla Miles

A professional wedding officiant who provides marriage preparation classes falls in love with a client who is planning to marry an ill-suited man.


by Jamie Lou, Raleigh West

Lifelong friends, Barb and Tracy are trying to break the glass ceiling in the man's field of science and technology. Frustrated by the condescending misogyny in the tech industry, they invent a sassy robot that tells dirty lady jokes, among her many other amazing, world-changing talents, to stick it to the man. Barb and Tracy must risk their friendship and their most prized invention to find out if they can carve out their own place in the world of brogrammers and sexist billionaires in the video game industry. Hang onto your bonnets for a journey of revolution, redemption, and robots.

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